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Business Advice & Development

As we said at the outset, you should look on Cottons as your partners working alongside you throughout the life of your business. We'll be there from the founding of your company, through its first few years of growth and on towards planning for your retirement. All in all, Cottons can offer a fully comprehensive service throughout the development of your company, giving you the benefit of our many years' experience across a wide variety of businesses and industries.

Management Consultancy

Sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to look at your company objectively and provide sound recommendations for success. We have decades of experience working with businesses of all types and sizes and can provide effective and highly professional management consultancy. This places us in the ideal position to give you an independent, impartial view of your business and provide trusted advice on the right strategy to help you achieve greater profitability and growth.

Management Accounts

We can carry out monthly or quarterly computerised record keeping for you. In fact, this can be extremely cost-effective if the size of your business or your book-keeping requirements are not enough to require a full-time employee. Our comprehensive service provides profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, ledger reports and aged debtor and creditor reports. As you'll discover, having this information instantly available to hand is crucial to the successful management and development of your business.

Budgets and cash flows

As we've mentioned, a poor or inconsistent cash flow is the major cause of business failure in the UK. To make sure this doesn't happen to you and your business, we can provide detailed budgeting to help you with your cash flow management. This can include break-even analysis, predict worst case scenarios and help you plan ahead for them. These kinds of budgets and cash flow projections can also be an essential element in making future financing decisions.

Bank loans and financing

We have a thorough understanding and grounding in the many ways you can raise capital for your business and the options that are available. This means that we can firstly assist you with the detailed plans that need to be put together. We can also source the appropriate lenders from the many with whom we have built up business relationships over the years and the variety of finance packages they have available in the marketplace. In addition, if we feel you need more specialist advice, we might refer you to the experts in our Corporate Finance Division. You can find out more at

Acquisitions and mergers

Whether you are buying or selling your business, merging or being taken over, or looking at a management buy-out, Cottons have extensive experience in all of these areas. To ensure that everything is done correctly and that your interests are protected at all times, our independent advice on investigating your target and providing due diligence reviews will be invaluable. For more information, please go to our Business for Sale section. Again, if we feel you need more specialist advice, we might refer you to the experts in our Corporate Finance Division. You can find out more at

Succession planning

When you are planning to retire or sell your business, we will ensure that your hard work building your business is rewarded through careful succession planning. Our experienced partners and tax department will ensure that your benefits are maximised and your liabilities are minimised.

Employment law and payroll

Employment law and payroll handling seem to place increasing burdens on businesses these days. That's why we're here to help. Our payroll bureau can help to meet all of your legal obligations for your employees, calculating net pay, tax and NIC liabilities, providing payslips and even arranging BACS payments through your bank if necessary. All of your end-of-year filing requirements will also be met, with the online filing of these through our fully computerised system.

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