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Who We Work With

Cottons Chartered Accountants work with businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors.

We have designed a variety of industry specific packages to help our clients manage their individual industry complexities efficiently.

By understanding the needs of both small and large businesses and how the nature of accounting and tax can vary based on industry, we are able to provide cost effective, tailored solutions to ensure our clients remain compliant and organised in their operations.

We work with growth in mind, our tax and accounting solutions are designed in line with your business development. Contact us for more information on our industry specific packages.


Accounting for small businesses

Small business tax and accounting solutions to help them remain compliant and organised with a positive cash flow.

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Accounting for high turnover businesses

Businesses with a turnover over £10.2m often require audit. We provide specialist tax, accounting and audit services for high turnover companies.

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Accounting for Consultants and Freelancers

Efficient and robust accounting solutions for consultants and freelancers to help them manage their income and minimise their tax.

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Accounting for Designers and Creatives

Designers and creatives require tax and accounting solutions which help take care of the admin while they grow their business.

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Accounting for retailers

Tax, accounting and bookkeeping solutions designed to manage a high volume of transactions and VAT obligations.

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Accounting for Music and Media Companies

We've designed tax and accounting solutions for music and media companies to keep up with their fast paced operations.

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Accounting for pubs, restaurants and cafes

Efficient accounting, tax and bookkeeping solutions which deal with the cash nature of businesses in the hospitality sector.

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