Payroll Services for Small Businesses

Employers like you are facing ever-increasing obligations in accounting for deductions from employees’ pay.

Our payroll bureau can ease this burden for you and increase your productive time.

We can help to meet your legal obligations for your employees, calculating net pay, tax and NIC liabilities, provide payslips and even arrange BACS payments through your bank if necessary.

Your end-of-year filing requirements will also be met, with the online filing through our fully computerised systems.

Payroll can be included as part of an accounting and tax package put together for your business or it can be managed as a service on its own. Talk to us today about our small business accounting and tax services provided by our team of efficient bookkeepers, qualified accountants and experienced partners.

Cottons Chartered Accountants are small business accountants with office in Northampton, London and other locations. Find out more about where we operate and who we work with to learn about what we can do for your business.