Careers for Professionals

Join a forward-thinking business 

At Cottons we are enable our team to grow their 

skills while ensuring they never feel pigeon-holed

in their position.

Progress opportunities

Cottons pride ourselves in helping our team of professionals fufill their career aspirations.  Members of our team have been able to further their professional career to senior and Partner level while working 

Team support

At Cottons you will find a proactive team with whom you will be able to utilise your existing skill-set while also free to engage and develop new skills and knowledge. 

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What People Say

“Having started my accounting career at Cottons, I have been able to progress my career and build my portfolio within a positive, 

forward-thinking environment. Having now progressed to the position of Partner at Cottons I am now able to continue to further 

my professional aspirations while still supported by the dynamic team at each office.”

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Dan Roberts 

Partner – Accountant

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