Tax Advice

Tax Advice

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Christmas Gifts

We all like to receive gifts but are you aware that there are also tax breaks when giving gifts too!

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Allowances for Entertaining: Staff And Clients

An article on allowances for entertaining clients/staff and the associated expenditure that will be allowed to be deductible for corporation tax and VAT purposes.

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VAT on Disbursements – important notice for all conveyancing solicitors

An article covering VAT on Disbursements as a result of the recent tribunal case in which a firm lost their appeal against an assessment from HMRC for Output VAT not collected on recharged local authority search fees.

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Updates to Tax Free Childcare

The world of tax free childcare is undergoing its most significant changes. The existing childcare voucher scheme is finally being closed to new entrants after March 2018 and its successor, the childcare account, is being phased in now.

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Best Way to Pay Yourself from Your Ltd Company

Directors can pay themselves from their limited companies either in the form of dividends or salary but must consider which they pick so that they are able remunerate themselves within the most tax efficient manner. Here’s what to do.

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Don't Miss The Deadline Reminder
Self-Assessment Deadlines Are Changing

HMRC recently announced new payment deadlines for anyone paying their Self Assessment tax liability.

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The Best Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

Recent findings indicate that 46% of UK small businesses are not knowledgeable about tax relief that is available from the government. In our latest article we discuss the best tax relief for small businesses

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Be Tax Efficient Without Being Tax Evasive

As HMRC win most tax avoidance cases they bring forward we discuss how to be tax efficient without being tax evasive

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UK VAT Rates

There are currently three different rates of value added tax which apply to most commercial enterprises; standard, reduced and zero. We explain them all in this article.

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What is VAT?

Value Added Tax, aka VAT, is excised on the sale of most goods and services. VAT, most commonly charged at 20%, is added to the cost of goods or services. Here’s everything you need to know about how it works.

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A Guide to Making Tax Digital

In a bid to make paying taxes more accessible the Government announced their ‘Making Tax Digital’ initiative. Here’s what you need to know

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National Insurance for the Self-Employed

An article covering everything you need to know about National Insurance Contributions

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Research and Development Tax Relief

After moving to Chestnut Field House in 2013, Cottons Chartered Accountants in Rugby have now acquired ownership…

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What is the “Gig Economy”

Explaining the Gig Economy and the tax, accounting and legal responsibilities for small business and contractors in the UK

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Effective Pensions Contributions for Consultants and Freelancers

Pension information for freelancers and small business owners. How to make tax efficient contributions from your company.

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Taxes and Compliance for Ltd Companies

Understanding the tax and filing compliance obligations of a Ltd Company to ensure you that your business is organised and stays on the right side of HMRC and Companies House.

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