Cottons London Launch New Business Learning Sessions

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Not only have Cottons Chartered Accountants launched a new Tax and Accounting Drop In Surgery, we are now also running regular and informative sessions on hot topics for businesses of all sizes.

On Wednesday 12th of July we launched the first in this series at a co-working space near our London office, gathering small business owners and freelancers to talk them through pension contributions for people in their position.

Effective Pension Contributions

We lead with this topic at our London office following our recent article which discussed how to make effective pensions contributions as a small business owner or freelancer.

After being contacted by numerous small business owners and freelancers who wanted to make contributions but weren’t sure of the best way to proceed we thought it would be best to discuss the complex topic in a way that makes sense to all.

The Presentation

Hosted by Associate Partner, Ollie Warne ACA, the presentation took place at Huckletree within the Alphabeta Building on Finsbury Sq.

Attended by small business owners and freelancers alike, the session was set up to guide attendees through the various ways to make contributions to a pension in their position. We discussed everything from contributions made direct from a Ltd Company to contributions from salaries which are backed by government top ups, we even threw in some working examples to ensure everyone knew exactly how it works.

Attendees were left with an understanding of how to make contributions based on their individual situations and pension objectives and the session was highly commended by all.

Talk To Us About Your Pension

If you would like to get a better understanding of this for yourself then ask us to talk you through it.

Our accountants in LondonNorthampton, Rugby and Daventry can not only help you with pensions but with everything small business from VAT to payroll and everything in between.

Contact your local office for more information about our tax and accounting services and how we can help you manage your business and finances in the most efficient way.