Cottons Sponsor Daventry Cycle Sportive

On Sunday 1st July 2018, Cottons Chartered Accountants were proud to sponsor Daventry’s Cycle Sportive, an event designed to get the entire community out on their bikes at the same time as supporting Cancer Research UK and the MacMillan Cancer Trust.

The sun shone, and a great day was had by all, including some of our own staff. Here’s what happened…

Feeling Sportive

So, what’s a sportive? Well, the term is most synonymous with cycling but in general it’s a sporting event which is open to all and, most importantly, is not a race (although we’re sure times are important to a lot of participants). A sportive will always involve a set route and often, can include obstacles too with some parts laid out for different abilities. To put it in a nutshell, think fun run but on bicycles.

In line with the town’s Norse connections and the Daventry Cycling Club’s Viking hat logo, the Sportive had four Viking themed routes:

“I think we can safely say that our sportive was a massive success. Year on year the number of participants has grown and in turn has benefitted our chosen charities, this year Cancer Research UK and Macmillian Cancer Support. It was great to see so many club members out either taking part or supporting the event behind the scenes, you don’t really appreciate how the club has grown until you see us all in one place!”, said the club’s own Saffron Anouska Small.

Well done to everyone who took part in all the routes and a special shout out to Cottons’ own cyclists, Lisa Malone, Richard Wilch, Callum Veasey and Will Smart, all of whom took on and smashed the Thor Thirty. Cottons Chartered Accountants 731165079765004.uMcYyJXVPJEGKdUxB5QP_height640-300x225 Cottons Sponsor Daventry Cycle Sportive

Cottons Daventry and the Sportive

Cycling is a big part of Cottons Daventry with branch Partner, Lisa Malone (who you might remember recently cycled to Paris for charity) and her husband, Neal, being core members of Daventry Cycling Club.

Cottons Chartered Accountants 731165079765006.vWHv30aS2x90qUU4yso5_height640-300x199 Cottons Sponsor Daventry Cycle Sportive  In fact, it was Neal and fellow club member, Mike Walsh, who organised the entire event. Naturally, Neal played a key role in Cottons involvement and eventual proud sponsorship of the event, check out the banners we had made for the route…

At Cottons we make a conscious effort to get behind community initiatives in all of our locations so if you’re a client or local body and you’re reading this, then get in touch to talk to us about teaming up with our supportive network.

Get on Your Bike

If you’re feeling like seeing more of the outdoors, then contact Daventry Cycling Club to find out how you can get involved. Alternatively, you might be pedalling hard in a business sense and if that’s the case then let us know, our pro-active partners and accountants will help you keep moving. Cottons are with you for the journey.

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