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Cottons app on a variety of devices
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Never lose a receipt again; use the free receipt management App from proactive Cottons Accountants 

Simple, easy and efficient receipt management at your fingertips.

Managing your receipts can be a tough task. Trying to keep track of all those important business expenses and receipts can be a nightmare: pockets overflow, wallets become crammed with them and inevitably, many are lost. If you are claiming back expenses and/or the VAT then this can quickly become a significant cost and frustration.

Over the years, as a firm of proactive accountants, we have seen it all. From envelopes and shoeboxes overflowing with receipts to carrier bags and plastic wallets.

But now, thanks to our free app, there is a much easier way!

As a modern, forward thinking firm we are always looking for new and improved ways of doing things. So when we launched our Apple and Android-Approved App, one of the important features was Receipt Management – a super easy way that all businesses (both clients and non-clients) could store and manage their receipts.  And here it is, the Cottons Accountants Receipt Manager.  

How does the Cottons Receipt Manager work?

Once you have downloaded our free Cottons App, simply click on the home page icon labeled ‘Receipt Manager’.

Before you get started, enter your name and company name into the ‘My Settings’ section of the receipt tool.

Photograph a Receipt 

You can take a photo using the ‘Photograph a Receipt’ button.  Selecting this will automatically open the ‘Categories’ tab where it will prompt you to select the category you wish to save your receipt under – this can be a category like Travel Expenses, Property Costs, Personal Receipts and so on.

Once you have selected the category for your receipt, you just need to use the camera on your smartphone or tablet device to capture the image. Don’t worry if you don’t quite get it in focus first time around – you will have the option to ‘Use’ the current image or ‘Retake’ for another go. Now it is just a case of completing the required fields.

Receipt Manager from Cottons - Image 1
The Cottons App is available for all mobile devices.

We have made these fields compulsory, as this data is enormously helpful if you are keeping track of numerous receipts.  It also gives you the chance to add a specific note – a very useful feature if you have a receipt that your accountant or HMRC might later question.

Once the data is entered, simply click ‘save’ and your receipt is saved. They can later be found within the category you selected to save it under.

Exporting & Managing Receipts  

To view, export and manage your receipts simply click ‘Manage Receipts’ then click on a specific category i.e. Travel Expenses. All receipts in that section will be shown.

Exporting your receipts is simple, fast and easy.  To export a single receipt, simply click on the receipt to manage, then scroll down and you have 3 options – Email, Export or Delete.  

Exporting all receipts

To export all your receipt data, simply click ‘Manage Receipts’, then scroll down to the bottom, and select ‘Export All’. This will allow you to select the date range of the receipts you wish to export.

The image of your receipt(s) is stored locally on your device, in your ‘photo’ section.  To send these images, simply send by email when on a good Wi-Fi connection, use ‘photo-stream’ if it’s an iOS product, or one of the free and hugely popular cloud storage tools such as DropBox.

Find Out More

We’ve written up a complete summary of the Cottons App if you would like to know more. If you are a client you can download it now from either the Google Play or Apple app stores, and if your aren’t then get in touch with your local branch to talk to them about how our digital age accounting practices can help you. We have accountants in Rugby, Daventry, Northampton and London.


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