Are your employees working from home safely?

Accounting and tax support for those affected by Covid
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With remote and flexible working likely to continue for many people when lockdown restrictions are eased, it is crucial that employers remain considerate of the safety and wellbeing of their employees.

We are partners of AHR Consultants, who are experts in supporting businesses with any health and safety concern. To help you ensure that your home workers are protected, they have provided us with two important actions that all employers should consider.

Home Working Risk Assessment

Although the home environment itself is not considered risky, businesses must pay attention to any implications that may be associated with home working.

This could involve ensuring that electrical equipment has been tested, while also questioning whether any work processes have been taken home which could be hazardous. These considerations are particularly important, because the risk is not only posed to the individual employee, but also anyone else who is living in the house.

While employees are working at home, the employer’s health and safety responsibilities do not disappear. The focus should always be whether the environment at home is suitable for the individual to work safely, with the completion of a Home Working Risk Assessment recommended for peace of mind.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Working at home means the inevitable use of a display screen, whether this is on a laptop, monitor, or both. Earlier in the pandemic, the HSE stated that there was no requirement to complete a formal assessment of this equipment. However, with remote working likely to continue in the long term, it is now advisable to assess display screens and their safety. 

A good way to achieve this is by implementing DSE self-assessments, which evaluate each element of an individual’s home workstation, allowing them to continue doing their jobs in a comfortable and effective manner. This process is also useful for identifying whether any other pieces of equipment are required to allow the individual to work safely. 

AHR Consultants can help

Thanks to their expertise in all areas of health and safety, AHR Consultants can deliver assistance as you look to secure long-term protection for your employees. This includes bespoke guidance for home working arrangements, Home Working Risk Assessments, DSE self-assessments, and any other remote working concerns.

If you would like to benefit from the health and safety support of AHR Consultants, contact us today for a referral